How to reference the website of a real estate agency or a real estate investor?

New real estate agencies are opening every day… while others are closing at the same time.

Real estate agencies and investors are “normal” companies: the more visible they are on the Internet, the greater their chances of success in the long term.


How to become visible, how to be well referenced?

It is important today:

  1. to have a global strategy: natural referencing (SEO), “paid” referencing (SEA = Adwords, BING and Facebook Ads…) and social referencing (Twitter, Facebook…).
  2. Not to depend entirely on ad sites such as Seloger, Leboncoin etc… but without depriving yourself of it.

Franchised agencies will benefit from the strategies implemented within the group and from a more or less powerful site depending on their network.

Let’s look at this in more detail….

I – What are your keywords?

Let’s take a local example with a real estate agency located on PONT-L’ABBE (29120).

One naturally thinks of “real estate PONT-L’ABBE”. But there is a feint with the volumes that vary according to the way the name of the city is written (presence of the hyphen and the accent or not).

The best key word is therefore not a priori “real estate pont l’abbé” but “real estate agency pont l’abbé”.

Who is doing the best on the request right now?

II – What are your competitors doing?

Analysing the competition is the basis for the development of a site and its activity.

When you type “agence immobilière pont l’abbé” in private navigation, it gives you…

a/ Local results.

b/ Natural results.

I stop at the top 6 which is… the leading ad portal in France.

5 other agencies are in front with their sites: hence the interest of not just placing ads on portals.

Why are they in front? Due to Google’s ranking factors. In summary: page content + external links to the page.

By content, we mean title + text; however, the title of the first one, Century 21, is exactly the same as the one of the typed query. already benefits from the strength of its network with 173 referral domains for a “young” site and a very good internal network.

Kérentrée is ranked 3rd on the request (and 2nd on “immobilier pont l abbé”), probably because of its title… and the links that put Google less in confidence.

Note that the 3 sites offer little or no text related to their natural keywords. There is a big margin to attack the request and position yourself.

And strangely enough, at the bottom of the page, we find….

c/ Sponsored links.

Century 21 is a leader in local SEO + natural SEO + paid SEO. Very good optimization!

Immonovo is the real estate portal of CMB (Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne). With nearly 100,000 indexed pages for only 200 keywords positioned in SEMrush, there is probably an internal optimization work to be done.

Casea finally is an agency that has just opened on PONT-L’ABBE ; it is therefore logical to start with an Adwords program to be known, but it is a pity to be invisible in natural referencing with a 4th page on the request

III – How to make a difference?

a/ Through social networks.

In addition to animating your Facebook page, it is possible to promote your messages to reach a wider audience… but geographically targeted for example.

Depending on the size of the city, Facebook may not be the only profitable social network.

b/ By creating content.

Almost no agency animates its site. Let’s not even talk about inbound marketing😉.

Ideally, there should be a dedicated page for each relevant keyword.

In addition, this keyword will be purchased on Adwords and BING Ads.

c/ By limiting duplicate content.

Typical problem of real estate agencies: their advertisement for a property distributed to the word on X sites.

The ad on the agency’s website must therefore differ from the standard ad offered on the portals (more detailed + link/mention to the agency’s website).

d/ By developing its links.

Links are everywhere: regional portal, real estate, CCI… We are on a theme where opportunities are not lacking.

These links will also contribute to good local referencing.

In conclusion:

Ideally, 50% of an agency’s traffic and leads should come from ad portals and 50% from search engines.

This not only allows you to increase your turnover but also to limit your dependence on a solution.


Let’s be clear: If you are considering a real estate investment solely for the purpose of making a financial profit, then don’t do it! If, on the other hand, you are really passionate about real estate, if you know how to appreciate a building in a state of ruin, if you are not afraid of having some cold sweats from time to time, then maybe it is for you.

Whatever your motivations, real estate cannot be improvised. If it is by making mistakes that we learn, in real estate a mistake can be expensive. Prevention is therefore better than cure.

The situation

Whether you choose your own home or a pure real estate investment, the situation remains the most important criterion to take into account. If this is important for the day you want to resell, it also applies for the duration of the investment. A property in a poor location will be less well rented, on the one hand, in terms of the amount of rent, but especially in terms of the quality of the profile of potential tenants that will emerge.

There is no bad city or region, each of them has its own lots of beautiful and less beautiful neighbourhoods. If you decide to invest in a region that is not your own, only a professional will effectively guide you to the right choice.

Type of investment?

To answer this question, you must ask yourself about your own requirements and possibilities:

  • What type of profitability are you looking for?
  • What level of risk are you willing to take?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is your borrowing capacity?
  • Are you ready to be part of a co-ownership or do you prefer to have complete control of a building?

These are all criteria that will determine the choice of the investment that best suits you.

The house: It has the advantage of meeting a particularly sustained demand that the current supply cannot satisfy. The disadvantage lies in the fact that it is necessary to find a tenant profile capable of maintaining all the exteriors, which is not always an easy task.

The villa: It can represent a good investment as long as the purchase price is in relation to the rent that is reasonable to expect. On the other hand, too high a rent may be a barrier for many profiles of prospective tenants who will find it better for them to acquire rather than rent.

The apartment: As long as you accept the principle of co-ownership and all that this implies, it may be a good investment choice. On the other hand, pay attention, on the one hand, to the amount of common charges that may affect the amount of rent and, on the other hand, to the work that has been voted on by the assembly of co-owners.

The rental building: It is undoubtedly the best investment choice as long as we are able to bear the costs of renovation when it is a building to be renovated. The larger the number of entities, the higher the profitability, but also the risks, will be. A building with 3 or 4 apartments seems to us to be the most appropriate choice not only because it is easier to manage but also because its price is more easily accessible than a building composed of about ten rental entities.